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Interest in sharing and following each other's experiences online has long been popular in other entertainment categories such as computer games, music and film. This trend is now growing also in gaming and casino. SharedPlay's mission is to transform solitary game sessions into engaging multiplayer and entertaining experiences. This is made possible by being part of a social community while playing and enables players to share their experiences digitally. I have closely followed the development of social platforms, how we consume moving pictures, and how it has become part of the gaming industry. We aim to create the best and most engaging product for making casino more social among players. There is incredible potential in the strong engagement that exists among the new generation of casino players combined with a safe and secure gaming experience. LeoVegas is a dream partner, as they are passionate about the gaming experience and innovation in product development, and have shown through their other investments that they are proficient at driving growth and creating value. SharedPlay will offer a cutting edge technology solution allowing players to play together, share the excitement of the game and interact with each other through a variery of social features.

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Påhälsning Om roulette är ditt favoritbordspel borde du definitivt göra ett besök gällande Roulette-avdelningen på LeoVegas där du hittar en uppsjö av roulettevarianter. Risken förut att bli uttråkad är minimal emedan du har totalt 24 roulettemöjligheter mot ditt förfogande. Du bör också experimentera amerikansk roulette trots att spelare verkar föredra de franska och europeiska varianterna mer tack vare dess nolla. Realitet är att fransk roulette har förbättring övertag för huset än europeisk. Fördel att du inte förlorar hela din insats om bollen landar på 0.


The studio will develop exclusive games åkte LeoVegas and will also offer games to other operators. The first games will be released in late From the start the company will have a team with more than 20 years of experience in lek development and will draw upon alla of the experience and knowledge of LeoVegas. The studio will develop knipa offer games both for the Group's own brands and for other lek operators. The ambition is to produce at least 20 games in the coming 24 months through Blue Guru Games. These may be everything blid niche, local games for individual markets to broad international games. In addition, we will create games and unique characters that can be used in our marketing, which will build stronger loyalty to our brands. Having great flexibility in producing games is a competitive advantage, and it will also give us a new revenue stream over time.


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